Daily Archives: 22 August 2007

The first casualty of a scoop interview is grace

Aziz Haniffa‘s rediff.com/India Abroad interview with India’s ambassador to the United States Ronen Sen has been the big story of the week. The “headless chicken” quote has become canon fodder for the communists and other critics opposing the UPA government’s nuclear deal with America. Parliament has been stalled, apologies have been tendered, statements have been…

‘Honey, look what they did to the paper!’

Standard question: “Will online newspapers replace hardcopy newspapers?” Standard answer: “You can never take a computer to the toilet. Or roll it up to swat a fly.” Really? Here is a YouTube video of a 2.5 x 0.01 inch electronic paper video screen made by Sony. How much longer before they start making computers with screens…

‘Because we are all cartoons drawn by God’

In the land of the Indian Institute of Science, the Indian Institute of Management, and the Indian Institute of Information Technology, the nascent Indian Institute of Cartoonists throws open a gallery of cartoons, “to promote the art of cartooning in India.” View the video here: India’s first cartoon gallery