Adapt or die: 10 things all J-schools must do

MOUNT PLEASANT, Michigan: As American journalism’s analysis of its troubles and travails attains paralytic proportions, a fair degree of attention is being cast on the role journalism schools can play in rescuing the profession of its current abyss.

Joe Murray of Kent State University has compiled a 10-step survival guide for journalism schools stuck in the fourth estate. It is an analytic summary of the options facing journalism programs if they are to remain relevant.

1. Faculty, know thy students

2. Faculty, know thyself

3. Compromise writing skills at our own peril

4. Teach students to think and use technology

5. Introduce convergence early

6. Design and usability matter

7. Plant generalists now to grow specialists later

8. ETWIAD: Embrace the web in all you do

9. Multitasking is a waste of time

10. Rinse and repeat

Read the full analysis on pdf here: Adapt or die: A 10-step survival guide 

Get in touch with the author: jmurray[at]

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