Adolf Thackeray alias Balasaheb Hitler

Shiv Sainiks in Bombay have attacked Outlook magazine’s offices in Bombay and threatened the staff over the portrayal in a negative light of the party’s unelected “supremo”. Bal Thackeray, a former cartoonist himself with the Free Press Journal, had been bracketed among the villains of free India alongside Nathuram Godse, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Sanjay Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Mohammed Azharuddin, H.K.L. Bhagat, and Dawood Ibrahim. It is unclear if the “Hindu Hriday Samrat” objected to being called a villain or if he disliked being given a Hitlerian flourish in the cartoon by R. Prasad.

See the full story: Outlook under attack


  1. Sameer Seth

    whatever the matter is… outlook might have been run by christians / muslims… so as to tarnish image of bal thackeray…

    because they are the only ones who have feud with them…

  2. mk

    this cartoon is not drawn by r prasad but sandeep adhwaryu

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