Can bloggers be considered as reporters? Yes.

Who is a reporter? Are only those who work for a newspaper, magazine, TV or radio station, have an ID card, and draw a monthly cheque reporters? Can bloggers, sitting at home in their shorts with their modem by their side, be considered as reporters?

Yes, says Howard Owens.

“To me, a reporter means a person who obtains facts either through research, interviews or observation and reports back to another group of people. The report is generally organized and may or may not contain a point of view (or opinion). But it always has meaning and is informative to its intended audience.

“It seems to me absurd to suggest that any person who finds stuff out and tells other people about it isn’t a reporter.

“I’ve always considered the best bloggers reporters. Good bloggers gather a bunch of different links, do a little related research and then suffuse their blog posts (reports) with knowledge and experience. That’s reporting to me.”

Read the full story here: Good reporting is about being a good conversationalist

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