‘Poshto, the Indian media’s priorities is all bull’

“‘Bipasha Basu says her chihuahua is like her son. Poshto, as she calls him, was gifted to her by beau John Abraham. The relationship, as per latest reports, is over and Bipasha is single after ten years. But Poshto surely is keeping her good company.’

“This sort of ‘news’ is so popular that it is now accepted in media circles that without the daily recounting of Bollywood’s love affairs and celebrity parties it would not be possible to increase circulation. So we have a situation in which just the leftovers from Bombay’s parties and weddings could give the children of Aarey Milk Colony four square meals a day, but nobody makes the effort because everyone is too busy reading about last night’s big party to bother.”

Tavleen Singh on the shameful condition of children in India’s richest city, Bombay, and the questionable priorities of the media, which disturbingly only has time for the likes of Poshto—or Shambu, the “sacred” bull.

Read the full story: We simply do not care

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