Be your own boss. Be greedy. And never retire.

At an interview several years ago, Rahul Bajaj, the  energetic bossman of Bajaj Auto, was asked when he planned to retire from his job. “Retire? Who retires?” shot back the acid-tongued man. “Only fools retire.”

A similar lesson in life comes courtesy of The Economist this week. It looks at Rupert Murdoch, 76, trying to gain charge of the Wall Street Journal. And it looks at Summer Redstone, 86, trying to keep control of Viacom.

“What lessons can ordinary mortals learn from these very old media titans? First, be your own boss—then nobody can sack you or force you to retire. Also, greed—the pursuit of wealth—is obviously good for you: keeping at it is helping to keep these men young. The money, evidently, is not the point. The bottomline? Never retire—it rots the brain.”

Read the full article here: Very old media

Link via I want media

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