Singer accuses film critic of ‘sexual assault’

Is there a parallel to this incident anywhere in the whole wide world of journalism?

A singer gets a brief two-line, 22-word negative mention in a established critic’s review of a film starring another singer. And that results in the hurt singer outing the critic as a homosexual who, having been spurned by the singer, was now using his editorial space to “spank” him in print.

The hurt singer is Sonu Nigam. The critic is Subhash K. Jha. And the bone of contention is a review of Himesh Reshamiyya‘s film that appeared in Bombay Times, a supplement which comes with The Times of India in Bombay.

“It’s not a secret in the industry that he is a homosexual. God bless him for homosexuals are normal people with just different sexual preferences, just like men lusting for women is not a taboo. But a man punishing a woman for not complying with his sexual advancement is an issue, right? So, why isn’t a man imposing upon another man an issue? Isn’t this a free world?

“I want to be left alone. I don’t want to be subjected to this strange kind of sexual assault where all that I did some time back has become something so hateworthy for this sick man.”

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