In a tiny Indian State, publishers dream big

Formed in 2000, Uttarakhand is India’s 27th State. With just under 8.5 million people within its borders, its stands 19th on the population ladder. Yet, according to a story in today’s Deccan Herald, the tiny State has seen an astounding number of publications take birth.

A total of 523 newspapers, weeklies, and magazines received advertisements from the State Government this year, up from 463 the previous year, which was up from 351 the year before that.

At 523 publications, there is a publication in Uttarakhand for every 16,000 residents. Even given its 72 per cent literacy rate, that’s a bit too revealing a number of the real intention behind the number of publications opening shop: to bilk the State.

Read the full story: Media on the bull run in Uttarakhand

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