Welcome back, Alan. Say hello to Hernandez.

The BBC’s Alan Johnston is finally out after 16 weeks in captivity. But who speaks for Hernandez Gonzalez? The 37-year-old Cuban journalist has been in jail for 240 weeks serving a 25-year sentence for “crimes against the state” that include writing articles critical of Comrade Fidel Castro‘s health, education and judicial agencies.

When Hernandez was arrested in March 2003 during a crackdown that netted 75 journalists and other alleged dissidents, he worked as the head of the Camaguey College of Independent Journalists, a group set up by Normando. Hernandez was charged with violating Article 91 of the Cuban Criminal Code.

With Alan Johnston out, surely the BBC should mount a similar campaign to get journalists like Hernandez out? Or do journalists other than BBC journalists—and freedoms other than its freedoms—not exist for the BBC?

Read the full story here: Cuba keeps writer in jail

Photo courtesy: Bloomberg

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