Freedom of press belongs to those who iron one

The New Yorker‘s Joe Liebling it was who said famously that the freedom of the press belongs to those who own one. A poor washerman in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has shown that the freedom of the press can also belong to those to run one.

Gauri Shankar Rajak is a presswala in more ways than one. By day, he washes and irons clothes in his laundry. By weekend, he is the chief reporter, editor and printer of Din Dalit, a four-page, handwritten weekly newspaper that he has been bringing out relentlessly for 21 years.

Over a 100 copies of the paper are photocopied and pasted on the walls of the village. Rajak tells CNN-IBN proudly that the paper now reaches every nook and cranny of Dumka. And half the print order is reserved for government officials and “intellectuals” to savour his reportage of issues ranging from corruption to human rights.

Read the full story here: Washerman makes headlines

View the video here

India’s fearless “untouchable” paper

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