All hail the unsung fixers of modern journalism

After 12 years on the road in dozens of countries on five continents, and after over 1,000 bylines in The New York Times and International Herald Tribune hammered out on six laptops, Thomas Crampton  has bid goodbye to journalism as we know it, and opted for a career as a new media entrepreneur.

“I live by the belief that witnessing and reporting improves the world. Good copy saves lives.”

Crampton pays the mandatory tribute to all the usual suspects, friends, colleagues, bosses, et al. But he reserves his highest thanks to the unsung heroes of modern journalism: the local fixers.

“Often motivated by an urge to share a situation with the world, they work to reveal the truth despite government and other pressures.

“Newspaper correspondents like myself travel with the safety of a foreign passport and backing of a high profile publication, but the fixers we hire to help arrange interviews, find sources and understand a situation do so at great risk to themselves and their families.”

Read the full story here: A farewell to reporting

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