Read My Bips: ‘Our miseries sell newspapers’

“I’ve purposely ignored all the speculations about my relationship with John Abraham all this while. Too paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, reports of its demise are vastly exaggerated. I have avoided commenting on this, despite a variety of insulting, ridiculous and downright laughable suggestions.

“If the media is to be believed, John apparently has no consistent taste in women, so he chases every woman that the media finds available. If half of their insecurities for me were true, I would be a nervous wreck. I’m also aware that our continued togetherness doesn’t sell newspapers. Our real and imagined miseries do.”

A few words from Bipasha (“Bips“) Basu—and then some more—on her “supposed miseries” from her official website.

Full disclosure: The reporters, editors, and production staff of sans serif realise there is nothing new in what Bips is saying, but  our response team insists we should run this item to see if her miseries helps sell websites, too.

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  1. Hah! Bips did bring me to your site; linked through the pic on churumuri’s site.

    Great blog you have here. ‘Am certain to be back again.

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