Daily Archives: 22 June 2007

Read My Bips: ‘Our miseries sell newspapers’

“I’ve purposely ignored all the speculations about my relationship with John Abraham all this while. Too paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, reports of its demise are vastly exaggerated. I have avoided commenting on this, despite a variety of insulting, ridiculous and downright laughable suggestions. “If the media is to be believed, John apparently has no consistent…

All the questions you didn’t know who to ask

What is news? How is the digital age influencing newspapers? Can free papers be quality newspapers? Will a freebie a day keep other papers at bay? What print can learn from web design? How should newsrooms be designed for the digital age? Questions (and answers) from the 14th World Editors’ Forum.

And which part of Africa do you come from?

There are special issues of magazines, and then there are special issues of magazines. But has any recent special issue of any magazine, anywhere, been as ambitious, as big, and as compelling as the Vanity Fair special section on Africa? Having U2’s Bono as a guest editor may be a small concession to celebritydom, but…