Is video-conferencing the next big media thing?

The first phase of the internet ushered in an asynchronous media sphere—emails, blogs, vlogs (video blogs)—where the information was stored and retrieved at a later stage, and was mostly two-way. But in internet2, are we heading to a more synchronous regime—like phones and instant messengers—where communication will be instant, interactive, and multiple-user?

Yes, says Eric Miller, a PhD candidate at the folklore program of the University of Pennsylvania. In this sans serif presentation, Miller, who lives in Madras, describes why video-conferencing will be the next big thing in the media revolution, moving out of the charmed corporate circle it now occupies and into the daily lives of people around the world, thus directly impacting them and their democracies.


  1. Great comments made by Eric…video conferencing has so much potential, and can have a major impact on global communication.

    We offer multiparty video conferencing, from your desktop. It’s extremely easy to get started.

    David Corcoran

  2. Some of my undergraduate classes through Northern Arizona University have been a form of videoconferencing, called IITV (Interactive Television) which enables an instructor to reach many more students than if the class were limited to one location. Each IITV classroom has at least one camera, and each student has a microphone. Every college site (this is spread through the various community college campuses throughout Arizona) has a control room and a tech who aims the cameras and controls mics. My favorite class in this format was a speech class, and I hope to start teaching Storytelling in this mode after I get through my thesis in the upcoming term.

  3. flower

    Your website looks marvelous. I wish you well. When will you complete your dissertation?


  4. flower

    Videoconferencing can be very exciting, and people from around the world can be linked in a unique and collaborative way through it.

  5. Dissertation due for completion in 2007! Working title: “Ethnographic Videoconferencing, as Applied to South Indian Children’s Songs-chants-dances-games and Language Learning.”

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