Why Google can’t find Dr K. Haminahamina

As if bitten by a rampaging mad dog, outsourcing journalism work to India has become a bit of an epidemic in America. It all passes in the name of cost-cutting, to offset falling circulation and advertising revenues. Indian reporters are to view proceedings over the internet and report on the event.

What if the tables were turned?

What if Indian newspapers were to outsource their work to Americans?

The Washington Post‘s Gene Weingarten decides to check it out. After viewing a webcast of “a recent meeting of the local legislature of Tamil Nadu”, he writes up an account of it and offers it to “India’s 50,000 newspapers at the surprisingly affordable price of 80 rupees, or about two bucks, apiece”.

CHENNAI, INDIA — A man whose name is, I swear, “Somnath Chatterjee,” addressed the state legislature here today. Mr. Chatterjee was introduced as the leader of the “Lok Sabha,” which is evidently some sort of important national lawmaking body about which few details are available at this time.

Mr. Chatterjee is apparently in ill health, as he arrived surrounded by attendants in white hospital garb. However, he proved hale enough to mount the podium, where he delivered a lengthy speech in praise of an elderly, revered local government official whose name sounds something like “Dr. K. Haminahamina,” a name that, unfortunately, didn’t get any Google hits. But it’s got to be pretty close.

Mr. Chatterjee’s speech was interrupted many times by the sound of antelopes thundering by, which turned out to be people thumping their palms on their desks. This seems to be a local version of applause, a fact that became apparent as the camera panned the audience, and HOLY COW, wait a minute—everybody’s wearing all white, head to toe! This is like a convention of Good Humour men. So, Mr. Chatterjee might not be that sick, after all…

Read the full story here: Hack for hire

Illustration courtesy The Washington Post

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  1. Ramesh S P

    This is a fantastic post. I read full story at WP. The reporter refering Muthuvel Karunanidhi as Haminahamina.

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