Because if you give some, you must take some

Journalism professors will always tell you to keep your cool. But it’s easier said than kept. Many of the funniest and the most cringe-worthy clips on YouTube seem to feature media personalities being punched, duped or just making idiots of themselves, says Jonathan Brown in today’s Independent, London.



Exhibit A: Furious over an article Levin had written about his then wife, the actress Agnes Bernelle, Desmond Leslie punches theatre critic Bernard Levin in front of eleven million viewers during an edition the satirical TV show That Was The Week That Was in 1962.



Exhibit B: ABC’s John Stossel asks wrestler Denis Schultz what he has been led to believe is the standard question to be asked of all wrestler: is wrestling fake? Stossel gets a first-hand response.



Exhibit C: Fox News anchor Shepard Smith says on air that Jennifer “Jenny on the Block” Lopez had snubbed the Puerto Rican community on a promotional tour of her native Bronx. The folks back in the ‘hood were “more likely to give her a curve job than a blow job,” he said. Regaining his equanimity, he apologises.



Exhibit D: In full public view, Italian media tycoon and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi does to a traffic warden what many believe he did to his country and to his competitors in the media.



Exhibit E: BBC’s John Sweney losing it before the Church of Scientology

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