Do weekly newsmagazines have a future?

A curious thing is happening with news. The news headlines are delivered instantly, as they happen, by the internet and 24×7 television. Therefore newspapers have to provide context and colour and background and analysis to the news that has already been reported hours ago. This used to be the job the newsweekly magazines not too long ago.

So what can magazines now do to stay in the running?

“I would argue that the information explosion now is so tumultuous and so varied, that people actually need a guide, they need a trusted guide, someone to help sort out the wheat from the chaff,” says Time magazine editor Richard Stengel. “We need to do it in new ways, and we need to do it with a point of view and great reporting and great writing.”

Read the full article: Finding a niche


  1. Ravishekhar

    not every one will have access to internet and people can never get complete information in televisions…also no one can sit infront of a T.V for a long time….. as weekly newspapers will provide a detailed information about the day-to-day happenings , we(people) still prefer daily n weekly newspapers.

  2. N.Krishnamurthy

    Magazines cannot be substituted by TV. The visual effect is effemeral whereas the print is more or less eternal. You can readily lay your hand on Mags and books. Only TV crew can access the old copy of the Vedio for any reference. How can TV be a threat to print media? Of course readers’ expectations are very demanding and any magazine not rising up to their expectations will fall by the wayside. So reason for the impending demise of the print media may be on account of their poor quality in general and not because of TV onslaught.

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