Daily Archives: 23 May 2007

All fun and no work makes Tintin a good boy

Halt, who goes there? Tintin. A sticker of Georges Remi‘s comic boy-reporter, whose exploits will now be captured in three full-length films by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, adorns the window of a high-speed train in Belgium. Photo: Eric Vidal/ AFP Photo courtesy: Time.com Read Time’s story: Tintin travels to tinseltown

‘Job-hopping is crucial to maintaining passion’

Guy Kawasaki has extracted the nine biggest workplace myths from Penelope Trunk, author of the Brazen Careerist, and some of them may well be applicable to media houses, persons, and organisations: Myth 1: You’ll be happier if you’ve a job you like Myth 2: Job-hopping will hurt you Myth 3: The glass ceiling still exists…