The slow but sure death of editorial cartoonists

On days when his health doesn’t permit him to draw, The Times of India is only too glad to republish R.K. Laxman from the archives. The redesign of The Hindu saw Keshav being moved out permanently off the front pages into the edit page. Unny appears on page one of the Indian Express in the north, on the op-ed page in the south. Deccan Herald hasn’t found a replacement for B.V. Ramamoorthy‘s pocket cartoon slot, even three years after his demise.

H.L. Mencken once said, “Give me a good cartoonist and I can throw out half the editorial staff.” In India, it seems, the opposite is happening as editors and proprietors run scared of bold political cartoonists who may—possibly may—have a point of view not in sync with their own.

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Link courtesy Nikhil Moro

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  1. edwin360

    Totally true about cartoonists being thrown out at the first whiff of danger. It’s sad. Cartoonists are one of the greatest assets of any newsroom. I suppose it just goes to show that cartooning and journalism are in flux right now.

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