The Japanese on what is expected of newspapers

Japan’s newspapers operate with the kind of If-you-don’t-enter-my-turf-I won’t-yours monopoly that newspapers in India earlier did. That however didn’t stop the Japanese Newspapers Publishers’ and Editors’ Asociation from organising a symposium on “What is expected of newspapers today”. Their key findings:

# Newspapers should give more facts now that chats and forums on which opinions are discussed populate the Internet

# Information delivered by newspapers should be diverse, giving people “food for thought” to be pondered later

# Newspapers must strive to establish a trusting relationship with readers and should provide accurate information

# Newspapers need to guide people because they “can not always make a reasonable judgment from accurate information”

# Cross-media projects would be beneficial

# Newspapers need to “make full use of the Internet” while simultaneously transforming themselves

Link via Editors’ Weblog

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  1. Convergence of Print-Mobile-Internet will be the key in days to come…some European papers are quite successful with this model already.

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