Eight reasons to distrust Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch‘s audacious bid for the Wall Street Journal has, expectedly, got the American media aflutter. The New York Times has exposed the unusual share movement of Dow Jones in the run-up to the announcement. And, on Slate, Jack Shafer has offered eight reasons why Murdoch must be distrusted.

“I genuinely admire the rotten old bastard for the creative destruction he’s wrought upon the media universe, for starting a fourth network [Fox], for breaking the featherbedding unions in London that were sucking the life out of newspapers, for re-imagining football and baseball coverage, and yes, even for starting the Fox News Channel from scratch, because it gives us a precise picture of what his news values are. But…

1) Rupe kowtows to the Chinese (part I)

2) Rupe kowtows to the Chinese (part II)

3) Rupe kowtows to the Chinese (part III)

4) Rupe kowtows to the Chiense (part IV)

5) The Son also kowtows

6) Rupert, Italian style

7) Small ball

8) Lacking all conviction in his own bad taste

Read the full article: Eight more reasons to distrust Murdoch

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