Working in your shorts, the dog by your side

Indonesia is in many ways like India. The internet is slow and expensive. Proficiency in the English language isn’t quite at its optimum. Working full time at a desk in an office is seen to be the honourable thing to do. But none of those hurdles have stopped Budi Putra,  34, from quitting his job at the Tempo Group and plunging full time into blogging as a profession.

I have always asked myself: “What do people expect when visiting a blog?”

My answer is: current news, worthy content, valuable information, and at the same time also a space for writers to highlight their personal perspectives…

“My family is really happy because I have lots of time with them now while doing my jobs from home. I have more time to go to the movies, play with my kid, and it’s all good…”

Click here to visit Budi Putra’s blog

Read the full article on Oh My News: Indonesia’s first full-time blogger


  1. Thanks for writing good piece about me…. 🙂

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