Catch her if you can: Mexico’s most wanted

Given the surfeit of media material on the United States and the United Kingdom, it is easy to believe that they are the only two countries doing journalism; that all the heroes come from there. Not so, not so. Hundreds of journalists are breaking their backs in the most trying circumstances, in Asia, Africa and South America.

Mother Jones has a story on Lydia Cacho who has made some powerful enemies by exposing Cancun’s sex tourism industry in her 2005 book, Demons of Eden. Eight months after the book appeared, Cacho was arrested by police, driven to a beachfront pier and told to jump.

Fortunately, Cacho is savvy and well connected, and a flurry of urgent faxes to the government and human-rights groups was sent just in time to save her. The police backed down, and after being held in jail for half a day, Cacho was released unharmed. Cacho is now suing the State government of Puebla for failing to protect her civil liberties.

Read the full article here: Mexico’s most wanted journalist

Photo courtesy: Mother Jones

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