Samyukta Karnataka fete in a controversy

MARK BRADSHAW” writes from Hubli: The Vice President of India Bhairon Singh Shekawat is all set to commit a faux pas of propriety when he visits Hubli  on Sunday to participate in a function being organised  to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Samyukta Karnataka, the leading Kannada daily of the state published by the Loka Shikshana Trust.

Reason: the venue of the function, Gokul Garden in Hubli, one of the favourite venues for major functions in Hubli, has no valid licence from the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation as required under the present rules.

The legal infirmity about the venue has been brought to public notice in the form of a quarter-page advertisement given on page 3 in the very issue in the very paper, where the Commissioner has warned the users about booking the venue for function.

However the advertisement does not make any mention about Sunday’s function.

The corporation authorities are quick to deny any coincidence in the publication of the advertisement and the impending function on Sunday. The authorities maintain that after the ISO -9000 certificate has been secured by the municipal corporation, the whole process has been streamlined and there is less scope for subjective decision.

The notification has come to be issued irrespective of the venue being booked by many of the big wigs, the corporation officials say. But they are determined to shut it down after giving two weeks’ notice.

It is not clear whether the organisers,  the State Government or the office of the Vice President are  aware of the legal infirmity involved. But the district administration which is aware of the same remains unfazed and has been going ahead with the preparations for the function.

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  1. Ramesh

    Hats off MARK BRADSHAW.

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