Does the Indian reader care for integrity?

Indian editors and journalists with a bit of journalism in their jeans talk, bravely, hopefully, of batting for the reader. In journalism schools, professors are drilling ethics and integrity into the skulls of innocent heads looking at a career in God’s Chosen Profession. But does the reader care, asks Vir Sanghvi.

Take, for instance, the selling of editorial space by newspapers originally in the city supplements but now increasingly in various sections of the main paper, too, including believe it or not, on the front page through “partnership” deals with chosen clients.

“As good journos, we are all appalled by this blatant selling of edit space. But two things about the whole Page 3 phenomenon intrigue me. The first is that even though so many of us (including Aroon Purie, Vinod Mehta and other leaders of our profession) have written impassioned articles on the subject, there’s no evidence that readers give a damn. Is it because Indians do not care about editorial integrity and credibility?”

Read the full article here: Forget metrosexual, yuppies, frenemies—we have P3P


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