Struck dumb by 24-hour news television

Expectedly, 24-hour news television offers a fair bit of entertainment because of its inherent pressures. But what Zee Kannada served up on the day the writer Poornachandra Tejaswi passed away was a pure unadulterated first.

In its quest to be seen to be doing the right thing, which was not to ignore the death of such a big man of letters, the channel decided to go live. A little kid barely out of college was rustled into the studio with the Kannada film director Sunil Kumar Desai.

Desai, as befits a movie maker, went uncontrollably theatrical, sobbing and looking skywards and just about stopping short of breaking down on live TV.

The kid, on the other hand, reeled out the information of the death, probably the only information she had been provided on the death, once, twice, thrice, and then as Desai refused to return to normal, burst out…

Yenu hela bekantha gothaga thilla!” (I don’t know what to say!) Not the kind of thing you hear from the motor-mouths. At least the kid was honest.

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  1. Thank God I dont get Zee Kannada at home. Afetr reading your post, I suggest the people who run these Channels to go and study some media manners. Let them know what they should be doing on a particular day like that. Atleast let them learn from other national TV channels.

    I think the programmes aired by Etv on that sad day was very meaningful and was a heartfelt tribute to the great man. They showed an interview of Tejaswi by Jayanth Kaykini from their archieves. which was gem of a programme. Their news that day was mainly focused on Tejaswi’s sad demise and they repeatedly showed a very emotional clipping about Tejaswi’s literary works. As a great fan of Tejaswi I should really thank Etv.
    Chandana aired back-to-back edited episodes of Chidambara Rahasya. Udaya News main story was quite OK. But sadly, Other Kannada channels including TV9 almost forgot Tejaswi completely.

    One more thing about the Kannada TV journos, what happened to their kannada? Remember, We loved watching kannada news readers like Shankar prasad, Eeshwar Daithota and Manjula guru raj read the news. But look at the city correspondents of many channels. Their knowledge of kannada (or the lack of it) kills us. Please TV journos Mind your kannada. And please dont blindly copy Hindi and English News Channels, News delivery is an art by itself.

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