The difference between journalism & literature

Upton Sinclair in Money Writes!, published by T. Werner Laurie, 1931:

“What, exactly, is the difference between literature and journalism. The maker of literature strives to say a thing once and for all time; while the journalist says it over and over, with slight variations, every day or week or month.”And since ninety-nine per cent of the money paid out for written words is paid for journalism, it follows that ninety-nine per cent of the writers must be journalists, no matter what capacity they may have to produce literature.”

Sinclair is best known for his landmark book that exposed the state of the meat processing industry, The Jungle.


  1. Vasant Sharma

    And we may add, quite a few literary critics (at least in India) repeat what others have said, or vary it slightly and pretend they have said something original. They might do so even though they gleefully identify the literary sources the creative writer depended on.

  2. Krusha chowdhury

    journalism is literature in a hurry…… and ofcourse dated

  3. rumana

    you cannot use bombastic language in journalism. it has a wide range of readers (in case of print media) and the language should be understood by common man.

  4. akram waris

    journalism means the communication of information regardingthe events of the day throug written words,sound or picture.

  5. pirah aijaz

    Journalism means the way we communicate to public through different opinions.

  6. journalism,communications and works of literature,they are in one family no one can divide them from each others.over history literature comes out in difference shapes and style but now we have a lot of different kinds of literature in the field.

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