We can’t fool all the people all the time?

In 1999, Burger King UK announced the launch of the new left-handed Whopper designed to fit more comfortably in the left hand, resulting in fewer ‘spills’.

In 1994, PC Computing blew the lid on legislative efforts to ban the use of the Internet while drunk.

In 1985, George Plimpton pulled off one of the biggest coups in sports journalism by announcing the arrival of Sidd Finch, a baseball pitcher who could throw at 168 kmph.

In 1957, BBC pleasantly shocked the world by throwing light on a surprising harvest of spaghetti in Switzerland.

All great stories except that they weren’t true. They were classic jokes pulled off by the media on April 1 of those years, which ended up making fools of readers. So in the interests of gullible readers, Jack Shafer of Slate has sat down and come up with a kit to protect them.

Read the full story here: The April Fools’ Day defence kit

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