All the booze that’s fit to drink

H.L. Mencken‘s motto was clear: “I’ve made it a rule to never drink by daylight and never refuse a drink after dark.”

Ambrose Bierce said, it is “a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure (of a drink).”

When an editor asked columnist Murray Kempton, “How much more?” the Pulitzer Prize winner “lifted his almost-completed bottle of Dewar’s and said, ‘Oh, about an inch.”


Tony Dokoupil charts the connection between booze and the news.

“Psychologists have shown that neurotics can make good journalists when they project their inner doubts and dissatisfactions onto the world. This is the energy behind investigative reporting and the source of journalism’s vaunted distrust of power, the argument goes.”

Read the full article here

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