Wanted: Contributions on Anything & Everything

JAVIER MARTI writes: Trendirama.com is a community of amateur writers writing about The Future of Everything. Join us and write an article on anything you are passionate about. Perhaps even “The Future of Newspapers”, if you are a journalist, student journalist or citizen journalist!

If you own a blog or a site, you can get a link back when you link to your own article, if you wish. You can even re-use some of your already published material. That would save you time and still be interesting for readers.

Yes, I know you may not have the time. Theoretically, none of us do. If so, if you like the project and you can help us spread the word—even if you don’t write—-it would be great. Since we are starting, any help is appreciated.

By making this valuable information available online for free, I truly believe we are helping to make the world a better place. And you could do your bit for the world too, by sharing what you know, as we already do.

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  1. Kanhaiya Joshi

    I had read sometime back Housecalls published by Reddy’s Lab. when in Pune.I found it very interesting even if i am not a medical practitioner.I would be interested in subscribing this magazine. I write phylosophical articals in English. please respond

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