The exceptional beauty among the beasts

The stereotypical image of the journalist—at least the male Indian one—is of a paunchy beast bred on cheap liquor, with dark lines under the eyes, stained teeth, nasal hairs (!), who may or not have a scraggy beard, with no dress sense or social graces. (Yes, there are exceptions but they quickly shift to television, PR or corporate communications, which sometimes can be the same thing.)

How lovely, therefore, to read Rachel Smith, a 21-year-old journalist with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from Belmont University, has been crowned Miss USA 2007. Rachel who works in Oprah Winfrey‘s company, Harpo Productions, was Miss Teen USA in 2002.


  1. Kanchan

    Question is how long she’ll remain a journalist. Modelling contracts, maybe a Hollywood assignment, and that would be the end of her journalism career. Remember, our own Ms Universe, Sushmita Sen was studying to be a journalist, too?

  2. Shobha

    Hmm…Perfect example of one stereotype replacing another.

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