Yes, tiny drops of journalism make an ocean

Many youngsters in the media complain of overbearing (older) bosses who frown upon enterprise and put them down. Some despair of being in an ocean of inertia and that their zeal is just a drop that gets submerged. Etcetera. Essentially, the crib is: we are all right, it’s those above us who who aren’t, and what can we do on our own?

But one journalist can make a difference.

San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article on a small-town journalist, who at 63 years of age and with a circulation of just 2,944, has made a difference to his community in his own way. Jailed for refusing to reveal his sources, questioned by the good news brigade for raking up muck, Sacramento Valley Mirror editor Tim Crews just refuses to let go.

“The function of newspapers is that by reporting the truth we will make you better,” he said.

Read the full story here: Small-town journalist makes big-time impact

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