Don’t judge a paper by the editor’s writing

Should editors write? How much? Should he be judged by his writing or his editing? Can an editor who spends his entire day crafting his own pieces show the attention that is required for the rest of the paper or magazine crying for his attention? But without an editor’s writing, can a reader judge that the right guy is at the helm?

These are time-worn questions. The New Yorker‘s founder Harold Ross rarely wrote (he did small Talk pieces anonymously for Talk of the Town) but edited one of the greatest magazines of all time. Outlook‘s Vinod Mehta writes most of his delectable pieces at home, with his dog Editor lying by his leg.

Sandy Rowe, editor of The Oregonian, has written an office memo full of marketing jargon—and it has become an industry joke. Fair or not?

Read the full article here: Editors writing badly

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