It’s official: men will be always be boys

A new eyetracking study by one of the world’s best-known usability experts, Jakob Neilsen, has come up with an interesting result: when they look at pictures, the eyes of men gravitate towards the areas of private anatomy—not just of women, but of men and animals as well.

Although both men and women look at the image of baseballer George Brett when directed to find out information about his sport and position, men tend to focus on private anatomy as well as the face. For the women, the face is the only place they viewed.

This image of George Brett was part of a larger page with his biographical information. All users tested looked the image, but there was a distinct difference in focus between men and women.

Coyne adds that this difference doesn’t just occur with images of people. Men tend to fixate more on areas of private anatomy on animals as well, as evidenced when users were directed to browse the American Kennel Club site.

Read the full story here: Eyetracking points the way to effective news article design

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