Daily Archives: 15 March 2007

It’s official: men will be always be boys

A new eyetracking study by one of the world’s best-known usability experts, Jakob Neilsen, has come up with an interesting result: when they look at pictures, the eyes of men gravitate towards the areas of private anatomy—not just of women, but of men and animals as well. Although both men and women look at the…

‘Development is doing, not just knowing’

NAGESH HEGDE alerts us to an interaction with Gerson da Cunha being organised by Communication for Development and Learning, Bangalore, on Friday, March 16. The occasion is CDL’s completion of ten years in development communication. Da Cunha will speak on “Development is doing, not just knowing.” Prof Ashoke Chatterjee, former director, National Institute of Design, …

Is the future online for frustrated journalists?

For print journalists frustrated by the machinations of mercenary managements, and fearful of the rising costs of producing an independent newspaper, Brisbane’s newest publication shows that there may be a way of breaking existing monopolies and reaching the reader without crawling on all fours. Read the full story here: Brisbane’s newest newspaper goes online