Wanted: freelance international contributors

PRESS RELEASE FROM JEFF YANG: We are looking for part-time freelance international contributors, what we call Cultural Fluents. Candidates should be based in Europe, Asia, Latin America for now, and should be culturally and linguistically fluent in their regions of residence.

This job is intended as a second job for someone who already has a full time job—ideally in media, journalism, or marketing.

We want people who have a keen eye for the culture they live in, a native curiosity about consumer behaviour, and a certain affinity for analyzing the world and interpreting emerging trends around them.

People who are active and smart bloggers are nearly perfect candidates; our Fluents will be expected to essentially blog for us, by participating in a Global Insights Community we’re launching, submitting observations and commenting on observations submitted by others. Being up on the local media is key, but we also want primary observations—walking around with a still/video camera and potting interesting things is part of the gig.

If this sounds like fun to you (or if you do it for free anyway), and you live in any of the following countries—UK, Germany, France, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, India, Canada—eail me at jyang@iconoculture.com with your resume for more details.

Compensation is a fixed monthly rate, and is proportionate to market standards in the target countries. There is also an initial allotment for equipment purchase or upgrade (e.g., digital camera).


  1. Your project really sparked my interest. I envision it as a golden opportunity to assist individuals of all cultures to gain a better understanding and greater tolerance of our individual differences, and hopefully a world filled with a greater abundance of peace.

  2. hello, i am a photo/script freelance journalist , based in Ireland. My works takes me mainly to the cultural and political centers if Dublin and Belfast. Would love to join your venture.


  3. Hi, the posting interests me, do let me know the complete details and how we can work together.

  4. Dr. Govind Ji Pandey

    Hi, I am media teacher based in Delhi, India. I have supervised morethan 500 audio and video productions of the students. I hope that i can contribute in the programme that you have started. The idea of working with people of different tradition, culture really fascinates me. Hope to have a long association.

  5. Ana Poznanovic

    Hello, I am a freelance journalist, based in Serbia. My work takes me mainly to the cultural and political centers of the West Balkans. Would love to join your venture

  6. Deepika G

    Helo…sure would like to join in your venture….M a media student and what is being envisioned by you is and has been a part of my cirriculam…would love to broaden my horizons with such a valuable experience!

  7. Hey, I realize that this is about a year late; but are you still looking for writers? I’d really really like to get involved with this…

  8. Dear colleagues,

    I’ve been in the media business for some two decades and now I’m happy to offer you my expertise you’d likely regret if missing.

    My major areas of expertise have been business news, economy, socal & cultural trends and political affairs. Therefore, my writing is not simply mechanical a process but it’s coupled with the in-depth awareness of the topics I work with.

    As you see, I actually know the ropes in journalism/writing, and you’ve got a perfect opportunity to test it soon.

    I’m going to Moscow, Russia in mid-May for at least one-year period, so I’ll be happy to cover the events in the 12-member Commonwealth of Independent States plus 3 Baltic countries on the regurlar basis.

    Once again, I am pretty sure our co-operation is a rare win-win situation one can’t afford to miss.

    So don’t look any further; contact me ASAP. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Toronto, Canada

  9. Dear Sir.
    This is a striking opportunity for a writer like me who already have published so many article in newspapers.I would like to know when can I begin contributing.I have a veriety of topics around here that can be fascinating.Please get in touch for furtherance.


    I would like to go for this venture , sounds interesting and full of curiosity. please send me the details and would like to be a part of this as soon as possible

    with regards
    aditya uppal

  11. saumy prateek

    Respected Sir,
    This venture sounds cool and handfs out a striking opportunity for people like me .I’m a student of Manipal Institute of Communication headed by Mr.M.V.Kamath and this opportunity would provide a platform to me to be involved in press activities.I have good many interesting facets .I would like to know when can i begin contributing.
    With wishes
    saumy prateek

  12. Merrian

    I am interested to be part of this endeavor. You can contact me for details. I am a freelance writer and university professor based in the Philippines. thanks

  13. Srikantha

    Are you still looking for a freelancer from India? Please let me know.


  14. Linas

    are you still in need for freelancers? I am in Lithuania and would like to contribute to the project. Feel free to contact me

  15. myriam

    i m a freelancer from morocco
    feel free to contact me


    1. Shen

      Hi mariam,

      I hope and look forward to get in touch with you ASAP. You can find me in: wshen_wen at yahoo dot com.


  16. Dear sir,

    I am from Indonesia and very interested to work together with you in a team as international freelance.
    I works as marketing at the company and been involved in human development at my organisation.
    If you require a personnel from Indonesia, please consider me and contact me.

    Best regards,


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