Media Fellowship on Dalit Women’s Health

PRESS RELEASE: Panos South Asia invites print journalists from India to apply for a fellowship to research Dalit women’s health and human rights. The fellowship runs from May 2007 to March 2008. Selected Fellows will be provided editorial suport by a panel of exeprts. They will also be awarded a grant of Rs 45,000 plus travel expenses.

Based on their investigative work, selected Fellows must produce: at least five 1,000-word articles to be published before December ’07, one 5,000-word in-depth report, which may be edited and included in a book to be published later by Panos. (Panos is an independent non-profit organisation specialising in information and communication.)

Applicants must submit the following not later than 10 April 2007: curriculum vitae; at least three samples of published work on health/development; a 500-word write-up explaining why the applicant should be considered for the fellowship; two references from persons who are known to the applicant professionally.

Journalists writing in Indian languages are encouraged to apply. However, the CV and the write-up should be in English and at least one sample of the applicant’s work must be translated into English.

Email all relevant documentation to or send it to Panos Institute, 2nd floor, D-302, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024. Applications should be marked, “Media Fellowships on Dalit Women’s Health”.


Panos is an independent non-profit organisation specialising in information and communication.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please give the fellowship to Dalits only. If given to non dalit then the research will definitely be biased. We Dalits have suffered due to discriminatory politics of non-dalits.

  2. harish chandra singh

    i do not agree with sunil gautam.


    Dear Madam/Sir

    I would agree what Sunil says as it is not only for giving priority to Dalit women but it would be a committed task if a Dalit is involved in this task. For a non Dalit it is yet another acadamic study but for a dalit it is an opportunity to voice out the 3000 years of struggle thru the out come of the study. So please give priority to Dalit women.

  4. mahsh patil

    i want 2 research about this subject. Pls tell mi next date.

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