Hindu ombudsman’s column to be fortnightly

After just 51 weeks, The Hindu‘s Reader’s Editor K. Narayanan has announced in his Monday column today that henceforth ‘Online and Off Line’, his weekly conversation with readers, will now appear once every two weeks. Is that because the ombudsman was doing a good job? Or because it was getting too tiresome? Or what?

Read the last weekly column here: Needed: a realistic assessment

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  1. Saravanan

    In short, Hindu’s Reader’s Editor concept is a big flop. I don’t blame Narayanan for that. His hands are tied and he had very limited powers. Reader’s editor role was to correct the spelling and grammatical errors. Reader’s editor Narayanan and Editor Ram tried to play down concerns raised by the readers and said the Hindu’s views(bias) can’t be changed. There was no satisfactory answer from Hindu management for some of the important issues that were raised through Reader’s editor like Churumuri’s article on how Hindu becoming a ‘sorry’ paper, refusal to publish Sevanti Ninan’s article on Kalanidhi Maran and calling Left govt in West Bengal as permanent government in the editorial piece. Whatever the job Narayanan is doing can be done by a sub editor, there is no need for separate Reader’s editor.

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