Sudha, Mayura editorship in legal tangle

PALINI R. SWAMY writes from Bangalore: The last word in the battle for editorial power between the “Kumars at No. 75″ has not been heard. Yet.

K.N. Shanth Kumar may have been dislodged overnight as editor of Deccan Herald, Praja Vani, Sudha and Mayura by his elder brothers K.N. Hari Kumar and K.N. Tilak Kumar through an internal circular. But the Company Law Board (CLB) is learnt to have ruled that KNS should continue as editor of the weekly and monthly magazines in The Printers (Mysore) Limited stable for the moment.

Result: next week’s issue of Sudha, which comes out in two days’ time, will—or has to—carry the name of Shanth Kumar as editor although the putsch, without the consent of the TPML board, was aimed at removing him from the helm of all four publications in the group.

The Karnataka High Court has already admitted a writ petition filed by KNS questioning the manner in which the change of guard was effected at DH-PV arrived at. The case comes up for hearing on Thursday, March 1.

But the CLB, while refusing to intervene in the case of DH-PV, since the High Court is already hearing the matter, is said to have ruled, ex-parte, that KNS shall continue to head the other two publications.

Meanwhile, journalist Kuldip Nayar, who sits on the TPML board as an independent director, has been reportedly shown the door, after he was quoted as questioning the manner in which KNS was removed in a Business Standard story.

Nayar, a long-time friend of the K.N. Netkalappa family who does a column in Deccan Herald and Prajavani, has reportedly been told by the new bosses that his journalistic output will no longer be required.

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  1. Boringjournalist

    It is unfortunate that the fratricidal quarrel among the brothers has spilled over to the courts. the judiciary may give aggrieved the justice. but the reputation of the group of papers takes a beating at a time, when it has to meet the professional challenges lying ahead. At a time when the brothers ought to have pulled up their socks, it is unfortunate that they are indulging in the game of personal oneupmanship. The developments have shakn the faith of the people in the institution, which may pave way for the erosion of credibility gradually.

  2. shyam

    Haneef will take a chance to kill SUDHA

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