Media outsourcing is cheap. But is it good?

The Press Association of Britain runs a media outsourcing outfit in collaboration with BFL-mPhasis in Mangalore, where fresh journalism graduates and designers churn out television pages and race cards, among other things, for papers back home.

Now, the San Francisco Chronicle has had an advertising supplement outsourced from New Delhi. Mindworks Global Media—MGM if you don’t get it—put the supplement together for the Chronicle. Freelancers penned the articles.

Read the full article here: I left my (New Delhi freelancer)  in San Francisco

Related link: Centralising and outsourcing are synonymous for ‘You’re fired’


  1. boringjournalist

    This is another newer avenue, which is opening, and which offers plenty of opportunity for exhibition of skills. It is time, the journalists venture out on their own, instead of hankering after the jobs in the print media and moving hither and thither.

  2. Typical-PA

    PA charge clients £70 to £200 per page – and pay pennies to staff, Typical PA. And what you get is poor.

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