Surprise! Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t slam the media

Indian celebrities—cinema stars, cricketers, business czars, artists, writers, anybody—are one of a piece when it comes to the media. They want us, they pursue us, they use us when it suits them and then treat us like the plague, accusing us of intruding in their lives, mixing the professional with the personal, bowing to the market, etc.

In that, our celebrities may not be any different from the bold-faced names elsewhere on the third rock from the sun, all of whom seem to have developed an almost uniformly exaggerated sense of what is OK and what doesn’t almost at the same time.

How refreshing it is on this bleak landscape to come across a Shah Rukh Khan who acknowledges the reality. On the debut episode of Star World’s season two of Koffee with Karan show, King Khan said something along these lines:

“I’m not an outsider when it comes to the media. I’m, if you will, the don of media. I’m part of it. We’re all responsible for it. We will reap as we sow.

“We all want great markets, TV, in-house, cable, reach. If you want all that, you need more news, more stories, more gossip.

“We have to accept that it is symbiotic relationship. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes—in fact, most times—it helps us.”

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