sans serif cordially invites you to visit its brother-blog kosambari, a blog that seeks to capture, chronicle and celebrate the beauty of South Indian vegetarian food, as sampled in homes, hotels and everywhere else in between.

On kosambari, you will find quaint lore, quirky opinions, quintessential recipes and more, much of which is going the way of the dodo in the face of the Punjabification, MacDonalds-ification and Manchuri-fication of our cuisine.

For starters, you will find all of churumuri’s food posts in one place. As we go along, we hope to bring you the aromas, flavours and fragrances of our wonderful kitchens—and bring a whiff of home to your browser.

If we are what we eat, kosambari will show you why.

Come in, be our guests.

1 Comment

  1. diehardveggi

    The kosambari is cool n appetizing, what if some of the items are stale (being served from the stock of 06).

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