New editor for Deccan Herald: K.N. Tilak Kumar

There will be a new name in the imprintline of Deccan Herald and Praja Vani from tomorrow: that of K.N. Tilak Kumar.

The middle brother in the Netkalappa family will replace younger brother K.N. Shanth Kumar, who had taken over from the eldest brother, K.N. Hari Kumar, five years ago.

A possible change of guard was being hissed about for the last three months after rumours of Deccan Chronicle buying into Deccan Herald made it to the television news headlines.

Tuesday’s developments give some credence to the “realignment” of forces in Bangalore’s crowded marketplace but well placed sources say the last has not been heard on the leadership issue.

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  1. First time reading this and it is informative, enjoyable and I agree a must read by a journo.

    1. subravati.prabhakar

      All the best Sri. Tilak kumar.
      I am a reader of DH % Prajavani for the past 50 yrs and above.It is the best among the locals. Please maintain the present quality.
      I being a cricket umpire and having internet facility, i would like to contribute some materials on cricket umpiring. This will help lot of umpires at local level offficiating KSCA conducted tournaments.
      Last time a wrote a similar letter to the sports editor of Herald and there was no response.Kindly see to this and reply.
      Wishing You and DECCAN HERALD all my best wishe.
      closing with best regards expecting early response.
      Yours faithfully,

  2. OK, I knew a bit about family saga and I was the one who told some of my journalist friends about the change. I don’t think it is a breaking news. After all it is Bhai Bhai ka Jagada like Ambani brothers.

  3. When i read that no politician was allowed to have his say in DH-PV I still rember the day when the Emergency & Press censorship was clamped The then Editor TSR( T.S.Ramchandra Rao of Prajavani) filled the his ever poipular coulmn “Choobaana” with big question marks. Now pathetic that where the things have come to. che che che! . The old Lady of Boribunder should not havecome to the city she is also the culkprit for all the causes.

  4. Why doesnt Deccan Herald cover World Champion Manikandan who won two gold medals for India.

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