Columbia Journalism students coming

SREENATH SREENIVASAN, dean of students, Columbia Journalism School, New York City, writes: Professors Ari Goldman and Mannika Chopra are bringing 16 Columbia
Journalism students on a religion reporting trip to northern India, March 8-19 (Delhi> Amritsar > Varanasi > Mumbai) and are hosting a reception in Mumbai (Saturday, March 17) .

Columbia alumni and journalists interested in meeting with with them are cordially invited.  Although the student tour schedule does not allow it, Irena Choi Stern, Alumni Officer for the Journalism School, would also enjoy meeting with alumni in Delhi and may be available the evening of
March 10 for drinks.

The trip is being coordinated by Delhi journalist Mannika Chopra,, who is spending part of the Spring semester teaching here in NYC.


Each year, a couple of dozen India-based journalists join the 1,000+ US/Canadian attendees the South Asian Journalists’ Association Convention & Job Fair at Columbia University. This year’s convention is July 12-15. If you can plan a vacation/trip at the time, it would be great to see you all. Details at

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  1. i want admission in jaurnalism course

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