Self-important humourless autofellating ass hats

Scott Adams, fellow blogger and the creator of the amazing Dilbert, has a lovely post on SHAAHs—Self-important, Humourless, Autofellating, Ass Hats—who misunderstand him and then get very angry about their misunderstandings.

“Unlike most pundit-types, I don’t have a heavy investment in being right. I like to propose a line of reasoning and see what people think. If it exposes my ignorance—or more commonly, the reader misunderstands it and assumes ignorance, also known as the SHAAH method— that doesn’t bother me much. I have some sort of genetic abnormality that allows me to experience high levels of insult and embarrassment and find amusement in it. I’m lucky that way. I would go so far as to say it’s the secret of my success”

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  1. Raja

    Its boring

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