Where a legal eagle dares

It’s interview time for many Vijay Times staffers as rumours of the-end-of-the-world-as-they-knew-it hit the roof. And today it was the turn of senior reporter Vicky Nanjappa to present himself before the reigning triumvirate of The Last Post (Narender Pani‘s fantastic work of fiction on Deccan Herald).

Mr Nanjappa, who thinks he is the cat of all things legal—and probably is—was subjected by helpful colleagues to a grilling session of possible questions the previous night, instructed to go in a tie, and to be nice and friendly with his co-interviewees because there were “trained psychologists” who were monitoring the interpersonal skills for candidates behind two-way mirrors.

As he waited for his turn in the first floor lobby of the directors, the world’s first “textcast” took placed between senior editors V S Karnic, Sudhakar Nair, and chief reporter Nirad Mudur. The specific instructions were 1) Wear your tie till you reach Brigade Road because the HR hawks will be watching how you present yourself in public, 2) Act nice, humble and less arrogant, and 3) Don’t smoke or chew jarda.

As he emerged out of 75, M G Road, ex-Vijay Times photographer Saggere Radhakrishna hid in the bushes to capture the ex-Coffeeland News reporter in all his humble glory. Karnataka Photo News editor Saggere Ramaswamy has helpfully encircled what he thinks is the tie that Vicky wore. Look and enjoy.

Statutory Warning: This piece is only for those with a sense of humour.



  1. M K Vidyaranya

    Good Paparazzi work. Keep it up Saggere brothers.

  2. No Comments. One picture says 1000 words. alwendri?

  3. SS

    Yellaru madodhu hottegagi, tundu battegagi

  4. RK

    The circled yellow thing is not a tie, but VT scribbling pad!!! Vicky Nanjappa is quiet honest and never takes chances……IF NOT DH……BACK TO VT….MAY GOD BLESS HIM

  5. Lotus Eater

    The day will not be far off when DH will become a cache of ex-VT employees

  6. Ramesh

    What is this ?

  7. Professional Journalist

    This is regarding rumours of the-end-of-the-world-as-they-knew-it published in the ‘Where a legal eagle dares’.
    So, there will be yet another slot in Karnataka media space for launching another broad sheet English newspaper. Gossips are making rounds in the journalists circles and news in the Kannada Tabloid Lankesh Patrike (edited by Gauri Lankesh) that the Times of India group is planning to close down ‘Vijay Times’ as it is eating into the circulation of the Times of India.
    Are there any takers to re-launch the Vijay Times with a prefix or suffix (in case the same title is not available) as the paper has grown very well under the leadership of its present intelligent, hardworking and 24 hours journalist ?
    If it is done, it will certainly capture the market and become No.1 in just two years.

  8. There is nothing illegal about it. Can anyone name one person not looking out for a change in VT? If so please let me know who that fossil is. All the best Vicky.

  9. Hi Tina, I am the fossil you want to know

  10. Ramananda

    Not only VT but also Vijay Karnataka. The praposed date for mercy killing of VK is April 16, 2007

  11. Ramananda, you should teach Mr Jain better ways to waste 250 crore. Maybe he could spend it on making journalists better rumour mongers?

    PS: Mr professional journalist. ‘Lankesh Patrike’ is edited by Indrajeet Lankesh. Gauri’s tabloid is ‘Lankesh’.

  12. Jeethu

    Great work. This sting teaches every journo to be careful. If he can sting then he could get stung too

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