Oldest blogger is a little girl who grew up

The internet is such a magnificent thing that every week somebody or the other upstages somebody else as the world’s oldest blogger. A couple of weeks ago, it was Allan Loof@94. Now, it is Maria Amelia@95.

In an interview with the world’s oldest citizen journalism Eric Shackle on the pioneering citjo site ohmynews.com, Maria, who was given a blog as a birthday gift by her grandson, shows that that the fears of the old being left behind by technology is just that: fears

The older are smarter than we think or we are willing to give them credit for.

“I think it’s great that you can find everything on the Net. You can read the news and about people’s lives. It’s the best discovery that I’ve made in my life.

“It all surprises me. It seems like a dream, like witchcraft. If my grandparents arose they would hallucinate (when they first listened to a gramophone, they thought there was someone inside it).”

Read the full interview here: World’s oldest blogger tells all

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  1. boringjournalist

    The person who discovered the blog, must be a genius. He has given the right to the people to air their views without fear or favour about anything in the world.
    what then could be a better way of communcation and breaking of the artificial barriers in reaching across tot he people? For Maria, the gift given by her grandson has proved to be invaluable, relieving her of the boredom of the advanced age. It has also proved that the aged can adjust to the developing technology like the youngsters without any difficulty.

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