‘Hi, I’m Art Buchwald and I just died’


Art Buchwald, the renowned American humourist, who passed away on Thursday, wrote a final column that he asked not be distributed until after he died. The piece was written on February 8 last year shortly after Buchwald decided to check into a hospice. He eventually left the hospice, of course, and resumed his syndicated column.

Here’s the full text of his final column here: Buchwald’s Farewell Column, Written to Be Released at Death

Buchwald also announced his own death in a New York Times video obituary posted on the New York Times site. “Hi, I’m Art Buchwald, and I just died,” the late columnist tells Tim Weiner, the interviewer.

Watch Art Buchwald’s video obituary here

Jeff Jarvis says the idea of a video obit, getting people to talk first person about no longer being around, is an “absolutely wonderful idea“: “The final indignity could be having one’s obit edited. So maybe a video obit is the best idea.”

Quite a transformation from the age when Sumanta Sen, then with Reuters, went upto Satyajit Ray and asked him to vet his own obit for the new agency’s morgue!


  1. chetan Krishnaswamy

    The legendary Ray editing his own obit is news!!!!

  2. boringjournalist

    Art Buchwald has proved that he is inimitable even in his death. Not many get the privilege, or the get the inclination to write their own obit, read the same and die. His sense of humour is remarkable

  3. erram

    Art Buchwald was the original. They all copied him. When somebody tried to copy Busybee ( Behram Contractor ), in his typical manner, Busybee advised him to copy the ‘original’ and not the ‘Copy’!

    In 2004, when I wrote to him enquiring about his health little expecting a reply in return, he wrote back! He said in his letter of Januaey 2 2004,,’ I seem to be alive after my stroke and I’m still writing two columns a week”.

    He also wrote about satire. He said, ” I have never worried about what anyone in the government thinks about what I write. Most of them seem to be flattered, even when it’s something criticizing them. My advice is don’t compromise what you have to say. If you do you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror”.

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