Arise, Dr Nikhil Moro

Sans Serif is pleased to announce that Nikhil Moro, Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at Kennesaw State University, Georgia, is now Dr Nikhil Moro.

The Yadavagiri man (seen above with his 2000-05 PhD dissertation advisor Dr Thomas A Schwartz) received his Ph.D. degree at the autumn commencement of Ohio State University in the presence of his proud mother, Hemlata Moro. Father Madhav Rao Moro couldn’t make it.

Nikhil’s dissertation comprises “a libertarian framework to address the libel threat faced by bloggers”, that is us, yes us. In other words, don’t try to sue Sans Serif; we know those who know the law!


View an extract of the dissertation here.

Read Nikhil Moro’s interview with Raju Narisetti, editor of Hindustan Times‘ new business paper here: Five reasons to be optimistic of Indian journalism

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