‘Blogging, best creative outlet I’ve ever had’

Scott Adams, the creator of the seriously smart Dilbert cartoon character and strip, has a fantastic blog, Dilbert.Blog. A couple of days ago, he answered dozens of questions from readers on cartooning and blogging.

Here are some of his illuminating responses on the latter.


Q. How do you decide about what you want to write in your blog every morning?

A. It’s whatever interests me that day. I have to be personally interested or it won’t come.

Q. Why do you do this blog day after day? Not that we don’t enjoy it, I just can’t see what you are getting out of it… day after day, smarmy retort after smarmy retort, the endless whining and moaning…etc. etc.

A. I enjoy it creatively. It’s nice to have no editor between me and you. And I’m not much affected by critics who are irrational or humorless.

Q. Why do you spend so much time on this blog? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading it, I just don’t see the value you derive from it compared to the time it takes.

A. It’s the best creative outlet I’ve ever had. It’s the first time I’ve ever written in my own unrestrained voice.

Q. How the hell do you come up with something interesting, witty, and funny to write about every single day? You’re like the bionic blogger! Seriously, do you have a backlog of posts, or do you actually write one a day?

A. I do one a day, usually. I just write what comes to mind.


Read the entire transcript: Answers to your questions

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